Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Graduation Day :-) !!!

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I graduated last year on the 6th of December, what a windy day that was! If it was my choice I would have had it a lot earlier in the year such as June, July . I was going to post this before but got a little side tracked on my dress designs. I graduated in St George’s Hall, Bradford

This is an old pic but think it looks better looking vintage shall we say J

When I was waiting in my seat watching everyone else graduate I had a quick flick through and looked in the Graduation book and there was my name along with everyone else on my course waiting to graduate two!
I felt really good after graduation it felt like I had realy achieved something, even though the gown was the most annoying thing I have ever wore in my life, ha ha J
The sash and hat just kept falling off; I eventually swapped my hat for a smaller one in the end!
THAT WAS IT I was now an official graduate!! 
This is my certificate I recived whheeey, alot of Celebrating was done after getting that !

And There was me holding my certificate ...................   Looking verry pleased with myself! :-)