Thursday, 6 October 2011

Emotional masquerade project

The picture bellow is my own photography using masks as inspiration for this project! It all started off from research from different cultural masks and how they have their own stories behind their uses and certain characteristics. I then decided to concentrate on different facial expressions’ and how these could come across as characters. I used my friends to create the effect of different characters. I decided to photograph to make it more interesting, it was more personal to me, I used lighting, Face paint, props and expressions to bring character within my work to influence myself to create something new!

I then created my own paintings to represent the facial expressions’ and how the light affected the expressions. This instantly made me think about repeat!
This idea was then drawn up large so that it could be developed on to a screen in order to create a screen print and length repeat as these designs were been made for theatre curtains this seemed like a great ideas!

Opaque was used to print through the screen as the background colour of the cotton was black. This was a long length repeat! Canvas was also printed on by using a variety of colours chosen from my own photography. Overall this project progressed quite quickly and was exciting to work on!