Thursday, 22 September 2011

Playing with design on different surfaces!!

By using the characters individually Wall Stickers seemed like a great idea as it’s the perfect way in easily transferring designs on to other objects and surfaces to brighten them up! Using the website as they sell various craft equipment, this is where I purchased my wall sticker paper then printed on the paper with my designs myself!

Also using the stickers to brighten up boxes and any other surfaces to give it some caracter!!

As this design appears on the single linen duvet I feel most of these designes  could be used on other surfaces this is why the design is transferred on to this jigsaw as it still appears to the children’s market and is a fun design to work with.
This clock above has taken inspiration from my developed characters that I have created and used in my design scenarios. The technique is laser cut using plastic to create a different approach to these designs by only using the silhouettes of the characters to simplify the design to make it look a little bit more interesting , including the colour pallet!

Curtain designes!

These designs are taken from collarge the first two top designes have also been digitally printed on to linen for my final collection so they can be used as curtains after they are manipulated in to Cad .

A new link to my work!!

    At the beginning of this month I went to the 26th New Designer’s exhibition in Islington. This showcases recent work from fresh out of college, art school graduates. There was so much to choose from, that it is very difficult to decide which work to show. The first work is from Amanda Luke a gra...